Aileron filling roll up post

This post covers Monday – Wednesday 25-27 Jul 2011

25 JUL 2011
Since the lower right aileron was filled up to the brush I used the 320 grit open coat sand paper and “wiped” and bumps off the surface and I wiped and sprayed that down with air hose and terry towel. I got it into the paint booth for its first cross coat of filler. I decided to spray this one horizontally laying on some wood strips between boxes which works pretty good but you have to wait for the coat to dry so that you can flip it and spray the other side so it takes a little longer. While that was drying I moved on to the upper right aileron vacuum, clean with the cleaner, rinse with fresh water, iron the tapes then apply the first brush coat of the filler. By the time that was done I was able to go bake in and spray the other side of the lower right aileron. Once that was done I was able to flip the brushed aileron and brush the first coat on the bottom side of the upper right aileron. After that coat dried I was able to brush the cross coat on both sides of the aileron.

26 JUL 2011

The fresh sprayed lower right aileron was then sanded lightly as to be very careful not to go through the filler coats. It was pretty hard to get it smooth at this point and my fingers got pretty tired. After it was sanded I wiped and sprayed air to clean and got it back in to the paint booth. This time I got the upper right aileron wiped down with 320 open coat and took it into the booth with me and mearely traded off on each one until there was 1 cross coat on the upper right and two cross coats on the lower right. While the spray was drying I worked on the upper left by cleaning, ironing and then brushed 1 cross coat of the filler.

27 JUL 2011

I wasn’t happy with the smoothness of the filler on the lower right so I decided to sand the aileron smooth with 320 grit. This took about an hour and really sucked but I figured it would be worth it. I then also lightly sanded the upper right but I didn’t have enough time to spray them that will wait til next time.

Total time all three days 7 hours
Total time 716.5 hours

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