Upper right and upper left coats and call to stewart systems for some help

After I got done with the upper right ailerons 3rd sprayed cross coat and it still required sanding I thought how much work this was going to to be to do the wings and everything else. I knew my fingers just wouldn’t take the rest if it was going to take this kind of time. So I called Stewarts to see if I was doing something wrong. Dan Stewart answered and I told him my issues he said first off the ailerons are the worst part of the whole plane to cover and finish. So that part was good news. Also he said since the videos have be out and the manual too that they have some new variations to the technique that may help. He asked what gun I was using and I told him the Devilbiss Finish line 3. The next question was how much pressure I can get to the gun I and I said 25 psi no prob he then asked which tip. I said 1.5 mm using 20 psi. He told me to try 1.3 mm at 23-24 psi will help some. To solve my 1 hour to sand each aileron he told me to try sanding down with red scotch-brite pads and even using an air sander when I get to the wings in the bays away from structure. He told me it should only take about 15 min to sand an entire wing and only a few minutes to sand the aileron. He also told me to try this about 30-45 min after each cross coat.

So I had some red scotch-brite went straight down stairs to try it and holy shit this technique worked awesome. The scotch brite really smoothed out the filler quick and it makes sanding around the rib stitches way easier on the upper right aileron which was through its 3rd cross spray coat. I decided to see how this works on the upper left aileron since it was still at a brush coat and I could try it on each spray coat. So far I am pretty excited on how much easier it is. After that was scotch-brited down I sprayed the upper right for 1 cross coat and the first cross coat of the upper left. About 30 min later I was able to use the scotch-brite and it smoothed right out. So that along with the tip change really really helped. Dan did say that they are in the process of putting out a new website with a forum and also a new video on this technique to the Eko Fill so the rest of the world can have this process.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 719.5 hours

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