Top coat the lower left aileron

So tonight after much pacing around the basement I decided tonight was the night I would try the topcoat paint. I rubbed the aileron down with scotch-brite first. After that I mixed up a batch guessing the amount. I mixed by weight and just to see how my scale was working I tested a batch in the M50 viscosity cup. It came out too thin at 17 sec. That sucks because I can’t do anything about fixing it besides just throwing it away. Next time I rounded down on the water measurement and didn’t add it all this time before checking the viscosity. It came out at about 27 sec so I added the rest of the water and it dropped to 20 sec. I went ahead and sprayed that fogging (fluid at 3/4 turn) with the the first coat which is really hard not to want to spray more but I resisted. The next coat went on with the fluid knob up 1/8 turn and at exactly 10 minutes later. The third coat went on with fluid knob up another 1/8 (so 1 full turn from closed) again 10 minutes later. I ran out of paint so i mixed some more in the 15 min I had. I sprayed the rest with the knob up 1/4 turn further. I was a little disappointed as I could tell orange peel was forming, but I hoped as it flowed out it would clear up. The paint glossed up nice but I had some orange peel to deal with.

The next day I took a look and there was definitely orange peel but it did flow out some. So I call Dan Stewart at Stewart Systems to ask what I can do to correct this. He said I didn’t put enough fluid on the part. He said I could crank up the fluid a bit more or slow my travel down. I thought that I was traveling a little fast not wanting to have any runs. So i thought I slow it down next time.

Time spent 3 hours
Total Time spent 727 hours.

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