Clear coating upper wings, I-strut final welding

Today I got to work by finally epoxy coating my upper wing. This is a tedious task when doing the ribs. I used the System Three clear coat product and a paintbrush. I plan on using two coats with sanding in between coats on the to and bottom surfaces and spar faces because the epoxy inevitably has some ruff texture when dry. This took about 1.5 hours between to separate mixes to do one side plus the ribs and took about 5 mixed ounces of epoxy total.

I then moved onto finish welding my I-struts. I had partially welded the tubes in most places and this was to merely finish the welds on the streamline tubes and the brace tubes to the ¾” square tube. I am always surprised how much time it takes to weld simple projects especially when they are easy to maneuver and get into an easy welding position.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 733 hours

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