Fuselage side panel standoffs and diagonal repair

Today I cut off the old side panel support standoffs (near where your shoulders would be if sitting the cockpit), which weren’t installed in accordance with the drawings. My old standoffs were installed vertically with no center support and I wanted them to go back to the plans, which has them travel down the diagonal tube from the seat back to the rear spar mount. I bought some 0.025 4130 steel sheet and using my buddies shear and break cut and folded some angles that I could weld in place. I also had to extend the stringer attach brackets out to 1.5” (they were only about 1). After and I cut and welded in the attach brackets I checked to make sure the stringer would fit and nice and tight, perfect.

After that I wanted to repair the lower 5/8” diagonal tube that travels from the lower spar attached cluster back to the station that the elevator idler attaches. This is the longest tube in the whole frame and it is 5/8” 0.035. It notoriously has cracked at the weld near the rear spar bracket cluster in many Pitts S-1’s and mine is no different. I cut the tube back about 1 inch from the weld cluster I then ground most of the rest of the tube out of the cluster I slid a ¾” tube that fit nice and tight over the 5/8” tube and set it back. I then profiled the 3/4” tube to fit to that cluster. Finally I cut a 60 deg splice angle and welded that into place. Interestingly I went over to a friend’s S-1 and he had the same exact repair done before. It seems that if you haven’t done this yet you will.

Finally I finish welded the lower right and left lower rear spar attach bracket doublers that were installed years ago but they only did the weld on the periphery but didn’t complete it to the cluster side. I simply welded the backside of the bracket.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 739 hours

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