Making the bottom fuse stringers

Today played around with the bottom stringers on the plane. I wanted to take away the “banana/football” shape of the bottom of the fuselage. The problem is that the torque tube can get in the way if you get to carried away and just go for the straight line. So I decided on terminating the stringer line early and splice the stringer together with 1/16” mahogany ply and T-88. This is similar to how Stuart did it on his Pitts down in New Zealand except I spliced my 5/16” by 1.5” spruce string where Stuart cut his shape of a bigger piece which is a good way to do that but I didn’t want to order the bigger stock so I thought splicing it would be just fine. I also had to modify my stringer support plywood so much that I need to make new ones. The second wood stringer support plywood was also welded in the wrong place and that coupled with the lack of metal stringer support brackets under the elevator ider have way down the fuse allowed my old stringers to buckle when the fuselage fabric was taughtened. I weld the aft bottom stringer support in the correct place (further aft) and then make some metal stringer support brackets to weld on to the cross tube under the elevator idler attach.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 742 hours

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