Tail structure addition back to the drawings

Tonight I got home from work and decided until I get the correct tubes welded at the tail I couldn’t complete the side stringers. See, my plane has some impeccable welding most certainly TIG’d and the dimensions of the fuse are perfect but it was missing some of the tail support tubes (1/2 x 0.035) that come down from the top longerons termination at the tail post down to lower tail flying wire attach point. From there, it was also was missing the (3/8 x 0.035) from the aft horizontal tail spar down to the intersection of the 5/8 side truss diagonal and where the ½ 0.035 was tube intersect. It only had 1, 0.5 in by 0.058 tubing from the top longerons termination to the lower tail flying wire attach. This always bothered me so I decided to correct it to the S-1S drawings. So I welded the above into place. This took quite a while to properly profile the tubes and not being able to flip the fuse it was some awkward welding upside down and leaning over and tweeked sideways but in the end I was able to get done. It actually took two nights to finish up but I will only blog one night.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 756 hours

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