Side Stringers #2

Today I was able to get a hold of a buddies jig saw so I proceeded to mark up the remaining stringers per the drawings. I was able to get all the stringers marked and cut out with the jigsaw, which worked much better than the coping saw (much easier to keep straight and quicker). I trial fit the remaining stringers and they fit nicely. I then decided to drill the attach holes. I had some remaining time so I decided to try to round the fabric side of the upper right stringer using some 150 grit sand paper and that worked out pretty good kind of time consuming, but not so bad for the great results.

I also decided to glue the lower stringer splices, which I all I did was glue a rough cut 1/16 mahogany ply left over the wings and use some nails to hold it in place. I will trim the ply after the glue dried.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 759.5 hours

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