Final Clear coat on the top wing and squaring the elevators

Today I decided to take a look at my elevator and stabilizers. I hadn’t removed the covering on either side of the stabilizers or elevators so I did that. Actually quite a difficult or more difficult than I thought it would be. Anyway, Up until recently I was planning on building a new set of elevators but I think I will just salvage what I have and go from there which is much easier than starting from scratch. One “looks” modification I wanted to make was squaring the tips of the elevators. It seemed like is should be easy and after seeing what a fellow builder has done “airbiker” from the website he has mearly cut off what was rounded and squared it off. I figured I could do the same thing so I did.

After I finished the right elevator I moved over to the top wing and sanded it smooth with 320 grit then applied the last coat of clear coat on to the wing. Other than securing the drag wire intersections those are read for cover…

Time spent today 5.5 hours
Total Time spent 765 hours

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