Squaring the Elevators part #2 and Rudder part #1

Today I got to work on the left elevator squaring. This one I did differently than the right since it was a splice rather than it terminating in to the Elevator rib. I used the AC 43.13-1B guidance to do an internal splice. I found a 4130 tube that fit and spliced it to the new tube using rosettes and a 60 deg splice line. I then finished the tube into the elevator leading edge and applied the corner gusset.

I then headed to the airport to use a Chop saw to cut some hinge tubing and the shear to cut the hinge straps. The shear was awesome I was able to cut all four straps out nice and straight it took me and Eve on the shear together since it was at capacity with the 1/16″ 4130. I then used the chop saw to cut the stop rings on the sides of the elevator hinges. Nice to have the chop saw as it cuts nice and straight.

We went home and I got right to work bending the straps which I thought would be hard to do but I took some ideas from Stuart’s website on how to do that I was able to surprisingly bend them around the tube easily. I found that bending them around a 7/8 tube works better as they spring back and fit perfectly around the 1″ tube. If you use a 1 inch tube to bend them they are a little big. You might be wondering how I am going to slide those hinges on to my elevator and the answer is, I’m not. I will be using the Christen Eagle bronze bushing hinges and a strap so that I don’t have to. As for the hinge collars I was going to split them and weld them back together in place. Anyway I tried these hinges I made for rudder out and it works pretty good.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 770 hours

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