Elevator drive arms and Torque tube #1

Tonight I decided to try cutting making ht elevator drive arms. I was going to have these laser cut but I figured i could make them with a angle grinder, drill press and Solidworks CAD. I first drew the arms in Solidworks and printed them out. Using a glue stick and some packing tape I adheared them to the 0.100 4130 sheet. AFter that I drilled all the holes. I then cut them out using my angle grider and a cut off wheel. When I drew them up I made the fold tab longer so that It be easier to bend. I bent them in my vice using the correct radius shoe (1/16 Aluminum folded over the vice make the perfect radius) on the vice and a little heat from my torch. I then trimmed the folds to the correct size.

I received my parts order from aircraft spruce to include all the materials necessary to complete the torque tube. I bought a 3ft section of the 1.5X0.035 tube. I quickly marked all the demensions and cut the tube to the right size. I then started trying to figure out the cut out for the stick housing. I’m deviating from the plans to make it easier to build. It is a common change. I am usin the left overs of the 1.5″ tube for the forward and aft sections of the stick housing. I marked and cut out the stick housing section of the main tube I then set up a simple jig to lay thos pieces at the correct angle. It was late and trying to keep the tube straight was getting frustating. So I left it there for tomorrow.

Time spent today 4 hours.
Total Time spent 774 hours

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