Torque tube part #3

Tonight I continued the torque tube construction. I started by trimming the top of the stick housing and then moved on to drilling the 3/4″ holes for stick bolt access. Then I marked and drilled the 1/4″ holes for stick pivot bolt. I cut out the 3/8″ 0.058 bushings and welded them on.

I then moved over the aft torque tube idler housing/tower. I marked up some sheet metal and cut it out using my snips. Inevitably with angle folds I screwed up the geometry and it was a little short and didn’t have enough material to make the 3/8″ fold on the aft end of the tower. So I spent the rest of the night marking up another sheet with the correct angles that I could take to the aiport and use the shear and the brake.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 780 hours

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