Torque tube Part 5 and control stick

I took a half day at work so that I could burn some leave and get some work done on all these welding projects. I started right in by marking up the aileron control tower shape on 0.050 sheet. I also marked out the shaps for the stick pieces as well. Finally just to be as efficient as possible I marked up the channel for the last elevator control tube that gets formed and installed at the idler.

After I got back home I imediatly trimed them up to the correct radiuses. I started tacking the aileron tower together and then I set up the wings on the fuse to check to make sure that the aileron push tubes would be in the correct place. I adjusted the tower a little and then marked and welded that on. Also found out that I can have a fully assembled airplane in my basement with plently of room to work and have a paint booth!

Finally I finished the stick. I don’t think I mentioned that last post but had gotten started on the stick and welded the bearing housing to the stick and cut that to size. Today I tacked together the lower half and fit it to the stick and finish welded it. Also here is a picture of the torque tube and stick married up.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 792 hours

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