Rudder part 1

Well after a long day of building yesterday I got up a little later and started working on the rudder. Up until now I have only played around with the strap hinges and rudder spar but it was now time to get started on the building the rudder. First things first I need to get a pipe bender. I went to lowes and bought a 1/2 EMT 5″ radius pipe bender (it was the smallest they had). I wanted to bend the radius at the bottom of my rudder to 4.5 to 5 inches so that worked out. Next stop was the airport to cut out the lower 1″ 30 deg tube for the rudder horn to attach. I also cut out those tube for the elevators as well. I got everthing home and practiced a bend on some spare 3/8 0.035 4130 tube. After some adjustments I had it pretty good I so I measured out everything and made a bend. With some clamps I placed it up on the plane for some sizing.

I marked up the 3/8 tube and the rudder spar and then jigged it on my work bench (sorry no pictures thought I took some but I can’t find them!). Anyway I got sitting happy and then measured out my ribs to match my fuse ribs. I then marked up some 0.025 sheet and took them to the airport for use of the sheer and brake again. This was easier than though it was going to be I was really dreding the folds but it was no big deal.

I got everything home and realized that I mis-marked the top rib by 1 inch exactly, oops that what I get for adjusting the ruler by 1 inch to make it more exact, oh well. So I marked a new one and headed back to the airport and cut and folded another. I got everything home and trimmed the ribs to fit. Before I welded the ribs I had to get the hinges done they go on before the ribs. So I stopped there and finished the hinges (rosettes and made sure they rotated smoothly on the tube). I then also decided to make the rudder pitch horn. I ended up drawing this one in Solidworks and glueing it to a piece of sheet. It took a lot of effort to make the folds right on the pitch horn and were a SOB at best. The first go around I made them and they limited the rudder travel to somewhere around 15-20 deg. So I had to continue the folding by heating and forming them until they were giving me the right amount of travel. I actually got tired and gave up and went to bed.

Time spent today 8 hours.
Total time spent 800 hours!

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