Rudder part 2

Today I got started again late since I was up very late the night before. I decided to re-attack the pitch horn again. I heated it up again and this time I made sure I had the radius in the right spot. I temp fit it again and now I get 32-35 deg of travel which is what I wanted. So that being done I fit the 1 inch 60 deg cut tube and the rudder pitch horn together in a jig and tacked them in place.

After that I had all the right elements to start assembling my rudder. I tacked all the ribs in place. It was funny how even tacked the rudder is easily flexed so you have to be careful with welding out of the jig. I finished the rib welding and trimmed the 3/8″ tubes on top and bottom. I fit the top tube and a gusset and the bottom tube with a 3/8″ support. finally I finished the whole thing off my finish welding the top of the rudder leading edge tube to the 3/8 which required some crimping. After all that I positioned the rudder and hinges where I wanted them and check the throw which was good. marked the 60 deg cut tubing with pitch horn and tacked it in place and check the throw again, which was still good.

After all that I decided to back drill my upper hinge, properly spacing it of course!

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 808 hours

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