Rudder part 3

Tonight I didn’t have much time but I wanted to get something done so I finished welding the 60 deg splice on the rudder pitch horn and also finish welding the pitch horn to the splice. I then decided to locate and drill the lower hinge inplace. I measured and drilled a small pilot hole in each side of the hinge and then placed it on the aircraft and finihed drilled in place. I then drilled the frame tube out to 3/8 and installed a 3/8 0.058 tube and welded that in place. After that was done I taked the collers for each hinge in three places like the drawings show. All I have left on the rudder is the bottom for the steering chains.

I also CAD’d up the new rudder area vs the old rudder area just to see the size difference and it turns out that the new rudder is 35% larger

Old/Stock Rudder 447 in^2
New Rudder 601 in^2


Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 811 hours

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