Elevators/Rudder hinges, torque tube, stringer attach, Elevator mounts

I haven’t made a post in several days because I have been hard at work. So I decided I would only make one post. I have been working half days at work for the last few days so that I could all the metal construction and welding completed. So here’s the list of things I completed over the last 5 days.

  • Welded the Rudder saddles
  • Welded the Elevator Saddles
  • Fabricated, mounted and welded the aft horizontal tail spar and elevator bearings mounts and tube
  • Welded the rudder hinge collars
  • Welded the elevator hinge collars
  • Welded the lower stringer aft attach brackets
  • Welded the lower stringer mid attach brackets
  • Fabricated and welded the elevator fuse idler
  • Welded on the front of the torque tube..
  • Routed bent and welded the trim tab tube in the right elevator.
  • Welded the elevator splice and elevator pitch horn to the elevator
  • Fabricated, bent and drilled the elevator hinges.
  • Fabricated, bent and welded the rudder stop.
  • Cut out new lower stringer plywood stringer guides/attach pieces.


The reason I have been on a hard push is that I have a powder coating date for all my metal and I need to meet it as they are a 5 week lead time right now and I am on and off of travel so if I miss my date I will need to reschedule and wait several more weeks which could delay me a much as a month due to my busy work travel schedule.

The list of things I have left to do prior to powder coating.

  • Rudder pedal brake reinforcement
  • Stick to torque tube idler tube
  • Torque tube idler to fuse idler control tube
  • Fuse idler to elevator control tube
  • Torque tube mount bushings.
  • Gascolator mount bushings.
  • Remove Engine
  • Remove rudder pedals
  • Remove throttle and linkages

Time spent (alot!) Im not actually sure but my best guess is approx 40 hours

So Total time spent 851 hours

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