Torque Tube block mounting

Monday I received the front and back bearing blocks for the torque tube. Today i was able to work with them a bit to see how they mount and how smooth they were on the torque tube. I started with makeing the 4 bushing spools made up of 1″ 3/8 0.058 tubing and AN970-6 washers. I got those made and then trial fit the torque tube to the fuselage. I had to remove the paint in the welding areas and after I got them clamped in place and silky smooth rotation of the torque tube I tacked them in place and removed the bolts and clamps to finish weld them. After I finished welded them in place I decided to fit the torque tube in place again and it was running in the bearings real nice.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total Time spent 854 hours

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