Torque tube Idler and Elevator to fuse idler control tube

Tonight I had a softball game but it was early and I was able to get somethings done on the plane. Last time I was working on the torque tube and I decided to put the torque tube idler in to see how the old controls functioned, just as a mock up. I had planned on using the old idler because it measured out to specs, but I quickly realized tonight that the holes were drilled out to 1/4″ and I need 3/16″ holes. So I decided to make another one. I started by re-drawing the shape of the idler on to the 0.050 sheet (twice for both sides) then pre drilled the holes for the bearings and the 3/8″ upper tube. I ran over to the airport to use the shear and cut out the pieces. while I was there I used the vice, my bottle of MAP gas, and a 7/16″ piece of wood (to stop the vice at the right width) to form the 7/16″ squish in the 3/4″ tube that connects the elevator horn to the idler. After I got back home I assembled and welded up the idler and the tack welded the connector tube angle.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 857 hours

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