Covering the Upper wing

Since the fuse wasn’t going to make it back to the house today I decided I would spend the weekend covering the upper wing since it was ready for the fabric. I started by cleaning all the dust out the upper wing from the weeks of metal work and just normal dust that accumulates. I used my aircompressor attachment and rag. I then secured the drag wire interections with nylon tubing and zip ties. After that I pre coated the bottom side of the wing and all the edges with the Eko Bond glue and waited for it to tack up. I draped the wing with fabric and started smoothing out the rinkles. After I got the fabric laying nice and smooth I started to tack everything down with my small iron. Once I got everything tacked I trimmed the excess fabric and finshed tacking everything down. I then brushed glue through the joints and wiped with a blue towel. I let everything dry for a few hours and then I did the initial shrink to 250 deg. While I let everything dry I lightly sanded the roughness of the stringers and did some shop clean up.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 866 hours

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