Upper Wing Covering Part 3

Today I started by making a reinforcing patch for the center wing mount brackets. It was simply cut from a piece of spare cloth and trimmed smartly to encompass the brackets nice an clean. I then started marking out the stitch locations. I went with a 1 inch spacing everywhere except the I-strut bays where I went with 2 inch spacing. This means I will have 140 stiches in the upper wing by the time I am done. As with the ailerons i will will be using the above the fabric seine knot not the hidden hitch since the kimballs swear that with the hidden hitch knot you cannot keep the runner tight which can lead to loosening stiches in the future. After I got both sides marked and pre-punched I cut and taped the ribs with 3/8″ rib reinforcing tape/cloth. I started in on the first 4 sitches but it was getting late and I needed to go to bed.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 878 hours

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