Finishing the tapes on the upper wing, Making rudder cable fairleads, Taping the ribs of the left horiz stab

November 19, 2011

Yesterday I got in an order from Aircraft Spruce which had a 1 ft stick of 3/4″ delrin plastic and 6″ Ceconite 102 light for the the aileron coves. I also got some other stuff but they are unimportant to this post. The reason I needed the delrin plastic is that I 4 of my rudder cable fair leads are 3/4″ 0.049 tub rather than the standard 7/8″ 0.049 tube. Well I couldn’t find a parts supplier that has the fair lead so I decided to make my own for the 4 that I needed. I used my drill press and angle grinder similar technique as a lathe and turned out 4 new fair leads. After the fair leads were fabricated I started working on the large tip tapes on the upper wing. I cut out another tip tape for the right side of the upper wing. I went ahead and installed the two tapes and glued them down. They tape alot of heat to get them to conform to the shape but they do. I then cut out a finishing tape for the aileron coves and glued them in. While things were drying I marked out and started tapes for the left horizontal stabilizer.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 944

Finishing the Elevator trim tab and covering the right elevator

November 18, 2011

Today I got right to work finishing the elevator trim tab which I folded last night. I got everything situated (piano hinge and tab) then I drilled 9 holes and use some cherry blind rivets to secure everything I checked the fit and everything was good so I started in on covering the elevator. I got the elevator completely covered by the nights end.

Time spent today 4.5 hours
Total time spent 939 hours

Making the elevator trim tab

November 17, 2011

Tonight I went to the airport to use the brake to make my trim tab. I got the airport and used a spare sheet of 0.025 2024T3 to make the tab. I marked and cut out the tab and then made the 1/2″ folds followed by the 3/8 diameter tip fold. It didn’t like the 3/8 fold came out so I cut out another tab sheet and tried again. This time I folded the wrong direction and the tab was backwards. So I marked and cut out a third. This time the fold on the 3/8″ diameter matched and came out good so i went home. This took 2.5 hours about 1.5 hours longer than I expected.

Time spent today 2.5 hours
Total time spent 934.5 hours

Installing the rudder cables, torque tube, and starting on the trim tab

November 16, 2011

Tonight I received my torque tube mount bolts, custom rudder cables, and fairleads from aircraft spruce. I got right to work with the installation of the rudder cable to make sure they fit, and they do. I had to pull the aft end of the fuse out of the rotissere so that I could temp install the rudder to check the cables and measure the exit points of the rudder cables for when I do fabric work. I then started working on the torque tube install. I had installed the stick and the control tube within the torque tube already but realized that I had to remove everyting to get the torque into place. So I did all that go the torque tube in place and got everything tighted down. I then hooked up the control tubes from the elevator to the torque tube idler. I have a bit of travel issues on the aileron because the bearings only move 10 degs either direction and I need them to move 20 deg either direction. I think if I offset the bearings I get a full 10 either direction but I need to mess with that. I would just install a HEIM bearing that had 20 deg of mis-alignment but I can’t find one that is 1/4″ bore and 5/16-24 threads in the female side. More work to be done there. I then moved on to the elevator trim tab. The last trim tab was installed using PK screws through a piano hinge I re-drilled for K1000-8 nut plate for a #8 screw. I need to make to the airport to fold the trim tab up for install. I then can cover that elevator since it is ready.

Time spent tonight 3 hours
Total time spent 932 hours

Covering the top side of the left elevator and rib stitching the left horizontal stab.

November 15, 2011

Tonight I imediatly finished covering the top side of the left elevator. While glue was drying I started and stop and eventully finished the rib stitching on the left horizontal stabilzer. Once the elevator glue was dry I did the initial shrink to 250 deg F. I then cranked up the Iron to 300 and then to 350 deg F. While the iron was stabilizing on the new temps I would continue rib stitching.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 929 hours.

Covering the Left elevator and starting the rib stitching on the horiz stabs

November 14, 2011

Tonight I had a softball game so I didn’t get to work on the plane until late. I decided to go ahead and try to cover the left elevator. I basically did the same thing as I did on the horizontal stabs but I was only able to get the lower side covered in 2 hours. While the glue was drying on the parts I marked and pre-punched both the horizontal stabilizers rib stitch holes. I then proceeded to rib stitch one of the stabilizer ribs. Fingers are imediatly sore like before…

Time spent today 2 hours
Total Time spent 925 hours.

Covering the horizontal stabilizers

November 13, 2011

Today I decided to cover the horizontal stabilizers. I started by applying the EKO bond glue to the tubes and letting them dry to tack. I then took some spare fabric (which I have alot of from the upper wing covering) and cut a piece out that ran with the 90 deg the right way (not in a bias). I attached the fabric to the lower side first using my close quarters iron and then I brushed the glue down in the joint. I then trimed the excess off just like the Stewarts videos show. It really is just like the videos show. I let things dry and did the initial shrink to 250 deg. I marked a 1 inch over lap and did the same as before, let dry and shrunk to 250 deg f. I then repeated on the right stabilizer. After both were done I shrunk up to 350 deg F on both. Finally I marked rib stitch lines and called it a night.

Time spent 6 hours
Total time spent 923 hours.

Second coat of clear coat for the lower wing ribs installing more fuse items

November 12, 2011

Today spent most of the day at the airport winterizing the boat. I know plane at house, boat at airport, completely logical… But my wonderful wife helped with the boat so things went faster. Anyway I only worked on the plane later in the day so I decided to get the stringers installed with final hardware. My wife also helped me pot a second coat of clear coat on the lower wing ribs and the first coat on the bottom side of the wings.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 917 hours

Gluing the upper wing upper side tapes

November 11, 2011

So today I started in on the upper wing upper side finishing tapes. Last night I had pre-marked all the tape lines. I pre-cut all the rib tapes and started each tape with a little glue then let them dry. I then went back and finished gluing all the tapes. I then moved on to the center section tapes and trailing edge tapes. I hand cut my own bias tipe for the center section which made life much easier.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 914 hours

Clear coating the lower wings and fuse stringers, Finishing the upper wing tapes and marking the upper wing tapes

November 10, 2011

Today I had the day off work so I got right to work in the basement. I started by clearing off my two wing tables so that I could put the lower wing up on the tables for clear coating. I then moved over to the upper wing to glue down the finishing tape along the front spar. I started at the left wing tip and started gluing toward the center section. When I got to the 7 deg bend I tried to heat of the edge of the tape to shrink it around the corner but that didn’t work and the tape warped. So I cut the tape at the turn and use an over laping tape on the center section.

To raise the lower wings up I used some 1/4″ all thread to lift the wings off the table and so I could get under them with the paint brush. My wife and I was able to get both lower wings clear coated. We used the extra clear coat epoxy to put a second coat on the stringers.

While I clear coated the lower wings my upper wing tapes had ample time to dry so that I could flip the upper wing over to start in the on the upper side tapes. I got the wing flipped over and started marking the tape lines for the front spar tapes and the ribs tapes. It was getting late so I decided to call it quits and start the upper wing tapes tomorrow.

Time spent today 7 hours
Total time spent 910 hours