Last upper wing rib stitch, Inspection rings, and tapes

Tonight I finished up the last rib’s stitching. After that I started laying out the finishing tapes. Months ago when I started covering the ailerons I went with the Stewarts estimate on materials. So I had bought a bunch of 2″ pinked tapes for the ribs. I had been recently reading up on recomendations on finishing tape sizes for aerobatic plans and I started getting worried that I had just bought $180 worth of finishing tapes for no reason. The kimballs were recommending that small aerobatic planes such as mine use 4″ tapes in the prop area and 3″ everywhere else. So to help ease my mind I called stewarts to ask if I had made a blunder. The answer was no, not at all. Jason talked with me about the Eko Bond glue and the FAA testing they went through. It said a 1″ glue seam was pull tested in shear to meet the FAA standards and they actually broke the fabric not the glue at 6 lb of force. The rest of the chemical glues (poly tac, super seam, and super flight glues) all failed in the glue joint at 2 lb. So I felt better about it and went ahead with the 2 inch tapes. Anyway I marked out all the tapes for the ribs and the long finishing tape for leading edge wrap seam. I also cut out several 6″ doilies for inspection rings. I glued on the 6 inspection rings and then let the glue dry. I then centered the doily and ironed it down like the manual shows. I finished with glue over the top and wiping the excesss away with a blue shop towel. I also measured and cut some tapes for the outboard ribs and glued the first three down.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 900 hours!

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