Clear coating the lower wings and fuse stringers, Finishing the upper wing tapes and marking the upper wing tapes

Today I had the day off work so I got right to work in the basement. I started by clearing off my two wing tables so that I could put the lower wing up on the tables for clear coating. I then moved over to the upper wing to glue down the finishing tape along the front spar. I started at the left wing tip and started gluing toward the center section. When I got to the 7 deg bend I tried to heat of the edge of the tape to shrink it around the corner but that didn’t work and the tape warped. So I cut the tape at the turn and use an over laping tape on the center section.

To raise the lower wings up I used some 1/4″ all thread to lift the wings off the table and so I could get under them with the paint brush. My wife and I was able to get both lower wings clear coated. We used the extra clear coat epoxy to put a second coat on the stringers.

While I clear coated the lower wings my upper wing tapes had ample time to dry so that I could flip the upper wing over to start in the on the upper side tapes. I got the wing flipped over and started marking the tape lines for the front spar tapes and the ribs tapes. It was getting late so I decided to call it quits and start the upper wing tapes tomorrow.

Time spent today 7 hours
Total time spent 910 hours

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