Covering the horizontal stabilizers

Today I decided to cover the horizontal stabilizers. I started by applying the EKO bond glue to the tubes and letting them dry to tack. I then took some spare fabric (which I have alot of from the upper wing covering) and cut a piece out that ran with the 90 deg the right way (not in a bias). I attached the fabric to the lower side first using my close quarters iron and then I brushed the glue down in the joint. I then trimed the excess off just like the Stewarts videos show. It really is just like the videos show. I let things dry and did the initial shrink to 250 deg. I marked a 1 inch over lap and did the same as before, let dry and shrunk to 250 deg f. I then repeated on the right stabilizer. After both were done I shrunk up to 350 deg F on both. Finally I marked rib stitch lines and called it a night.

Time spent 6 hours
Total time spent 923 hours.

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