Installing the rudder cables, torque tube, and starting on the trim tab

Tonight I received my torque tube mount bolts, custom rudder cables, and fairleads from aircraft spruce. I got right to work with the installation of the rudder cable to make sure they fit, and they do. I had to pull the aft end of the fuse out of the rotissere so that I could temp install the rudder to check the cables and measure the exit points of the rudder cables for when I do fabric work. I then started working on the torque tube install. I had installed the stick and the control tube within the torque tube already but realized that I had to remove everyting to get the torque into place. So I did all that go the torque tube in place and got everything tighted down. I then hooked up the control tubes from the elevator to the torque tube idler. I have a bit of travel issues on the aileron because the bearings only move 10 degs either direction and I need them to move 20 deg either direction. I think if I offset the bearings I get a full 10 either direction but I need to mess with that. I would just install a HEIM bearing that had 20 deg of mis-alignment but I can’t find one that is 1/4″ bore and 5/16-24 threads in the female side. More work to be done there. I then moved on to the elevator trim tab. The last trim tab was installed using PK screws through a piano hinge I re-drilled for K1000-8 nut plate for a #8 screw. I need to make to the airport to fold the trim tab up for install. I then can cover that elevator since it is ready.

Time spent tonight 3 hours
Total time spent 932 hours

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