Fuselage sheet metal

A roll up of several days work I measured and cut and folded the left and right fuselage side panels. Since the side panels were installed already and had the nut plates in place. I used my hole transfer tools to drill new holes. The right side panel came out better than the left but with some careful coursing I was able to make the panel work. I may still redo the left panel but only time will tell. The bottom panel needed to be drilled for screw holes along with new holes for the new panel brackets. Also I spent quite a bit of time notching the panel to clear the spar brackets.

I tried the Kimball sheet metal screw trick and it worked, but I saw it starting to break down in the near future and the screws stripping so I decided to install #8 nut plates.

With some feedback from Stuart on post covering of this fuselage with the set back angles on the stringer it noted that the stringers looked like two bumps because the covering sagged between. I thought I would fix that by adding a piece of sheet metal bridged between the two stringers. This is two fold because I also need to make sure that my torque tube doesn’t touch the fabric either if the fabric sags between by more than 1/4 to 1/2 inch I will be contacting. So the sheet metal just made sense. I made mine out of 0.032 6061T6 and screwed it to the stringers.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 952 hours

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