Elevators and horizontal stabilizers rib and finishing tapes

Roll up post for the last two days. After I got the rib stitching completed I started in on the rib tapes and finishing tapes. I cut and started all the one side of tapes after I was done I finished the gluing the rest of the tapes. I flipped the surfaces over and rinse and repeat. Now on the finishing tapes, which are a little more complicated, I worked for several hours getting them to curve around the radius. I had a little order issue the the trim tab cutout it will be fine, but maybe not quite as clean as I hoped. besides this isn’t a show plane its a go plane. Anyway here are the photos for the day. So the stabilizers and elevators are covered and ready for final ironing and then some brush coats of the Eko-Fill.

Time spent 10 hours
Total time spent 982 hours

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