Lower wing sanding and final assembly, making a carbon fiber turtle deck

Sorry for 2 week no post but i have been working on things. I have been sanding the clear coat on the lower wings with 320 open coat to smooth them out and to provide some grip for the glue. I then final installed the the lower wing control rods. Because small amount of clearance between the 90 deg bell crank control rod bearing bolt and the drag wire I had to install one of the control rod bearing bolts upside down for proper clearance of 1/4″ I used a castellated nut and cotter pin which proved to be a pain the ass to install under the I-strut wooden sheet panels.

I have been toying with building a carbon fiber turtle deck for awhile so I decided I was going to do that. I thought for awhile I could build it out of 1 layer of 282 (5.6 oz graphite) and 1 layer of 5.6 oz fiberglass but it came out too flimsy so I added yet another later of 282 and 5.6 oz fiberglass. Unfortunately it doubled the weight and now the skin weighs 3.25 lb which is the same as 0.025 2024T3. I probably could have saved some weight by using less layers and instead 2 total layers and some nomex however that stuff is expensive. The second layer really helped stiffen the skin up
Anyway I used this simple aluminum form made from particle board and 0.025 2024T3. I sprayed several layers of really cheep aerosol hair spray like Aqua Net super extra hold to keep the epoxy from sticking to the aluminum. As it turns out the higher the hold the better the anti-stick quality of the hairspray for molds.

Time spent 20 hours
Total time spent 1002 hours

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