Rib stitching and taping the lower right wing, turtle deck mid bulk head flange

Today I spent most of the day simply rib stitching the lower right wing. The long rib took about 40 minutes to complete where each smaller rib took about 20 minutes with breaks for my sore fingers it took me most of he day. After the stitching was completed, I started to tape the top of the wing’s ribs and spar. After all that was done I decided to work on the turtle deck some more. I used my wooden cut out of the mid section of my mold and I traced the correct location of the bulkhead while it was installed on the fuse. I then covered the wooden cut out with plastic for a releasing agent and held everything in turtle deck with straps. I laid in 2 layers of 5.8 oz 282 carbon graphite bi-weave and let it sit overnight. In the morning I removed the wood which release fairly easily and trimmed it up. And What do you know it fit perfectly. I will need to lay at least one more layer in there to stiffen it up a bit but I am happy with the results.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 1024 hours

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