Right lower wing and Rudder Finishing tapes, sealing the balsa near the hartwell latch

Today I spent most of the day working on the finishing tapes on the right lower wing and rudder. But before I did all that I coated the balsa wood with some epoxy to seal the area before I rivet it on. I started by installing the rib tapes on the rudder and followed that up with installing the right lower wing root rib finishing tape. I then installed the trailing edge tape and the aileron cove tape. After that I installed the reinforcing patch for the the area around the rudder drive arm and hinge. I then installed the rudder trailing edge tape and leading edge tapes. After all that I cut a custom 4″ bias tape for the lower wing tip tape. I finished everything up installing the aileron to see about gaps and all looks good. So the rudder and the lower right wing are ready for final iron on the tape edges and some ekofill.

Time spent today: 8 hours
Total time spent: 1086 hours

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