Applying Ekofill to Stabs, Elevator, Rudder and Lower right wing. Starting the fabric on the lower left wing.

Spent Friday afternoon, a very small part of saturday and a good chunk of Sunday applying Eko-fill to the horizontal stabs, elevators, rudder and lower right wing. I started finish Ironing the rest of the surface followed by a throuough cleaning of each surface with the Eko-clean followed by a rinse.

****IMPORTANT NOTE: I want make it a point to all that read this that the Terry Cloths that Stewarts recommends are NOT to be used atleast from Lowes or Advanced Auto. They leave little invisable fuzz balls on the wing. This is a takeaway from the lower side of my upper wing. I have found that jersey cloths from Lowes are just as inexpensive and DON’T leave little fuzz balls that you can’t see until you apply the first coat of Eko-fill.

After I switched to the Jersey cloths all I was left with was a beautifully smooth surface ready for spraying without a rough sanding required. Anyway I applied the first coat of Eko-fill friday night to one side of all the surfaces. Saturday morning I flipped them over and applied the first coat to the other side of all the surfaces. Sunday I applied the second part (to make 1 cross coat) they dried fairly quickly and I was able to flip them over and coat the bottom side to finish them off.

After that was all done I started prepping the lower left wing for fabric. I sprayed the wing with compressed air while wiping with a clean jersey cloth to get it clean. I then marked and drilled the stitch holes through the I-stut section and wing walk. I lightly sanded the holes to “debur them” I also vacuumed them out to get all the tailings out. Finally I pre-glued the areas for the bottom side of fabric. After that was dry, cut and trimmed the fabric to size and ironed it down to the glue. After I got everything sitting pretty I glued them down with the Eko-bond. Once everything was dry I did the initial shrink to 250 F.

Time spent (3 days): 10 hours
Total Time Spent: 1100 hours

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