Lower left wing covering and rib stitching

This weekend I decided to get back to covering the lower left wing. I started off by pre-gluing the edges of the wing where I would be attaching the upper surface of fabric. I draped the fabric on to the wing once the glue dried to the touch. I rough cut the fabric to shape and positioned it straight on the leading edge and tacked everything down with my iron. Once I was finished with attaching the fabric I brushed the glue down in to the joints and wiped away the extra glue. After the glue dried I did the initial shrink to 250 deg f. I flipped the wing over and brought the lower side up to 300 and repeated for the upper and then repeat both again to 350 deg f final temp. After that was done I pre-punched all the already drilled holes through the I-strut bay and the wing walk for the rib stitch. I then marked all the stitch locations and pre-punched all the rib stitches. The next day I applied the re-enforcing tape, however I realized I was running out and I only had enough for 4 ribs. I made an emergency order to aircraft spruce for more re-enforcing tape which sucks because it is $57 per roll and I didn’t need much to complete the other 5 ribs plus the two ribs on my vertical tail. Oh well. Anyway I was able to stitch the 4 ribs that I had enough tape to complete.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time Spent: 1108 hours

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