White Eko-fill on the rudder and I-struts, shooting the I-struts with blue eko-poly

March 30, 2012

Two day roll up post for the 29-30 Mar. In preparation for top coat I needed to put a white coat of Eko-fill onto the items getting painted blue to give the color a bit of depth. I shot the I-struts and rudder after I rubbed them down with some scotch brite. The white eko fill like to run so I set the gun at 3/4 turn out from closed and moved fast. Several very light coats with drying in between works way better than runs. It only takes two light cross coats to change the color to white.

The next day I sanded the white eko fill with the scotch brite again, wiped them down with a rag and alcohol while blowing compressed air on them. I mixed up my custom color blue and shot those nice and shiny blue.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1223

Unrelated to the airplane build, my buddy came over so I could paint a couple of scallops on his motorcycle fuel tank. After doing some dent filling with bondo we primered it with Eko-prime sanded it smooth with 320 and then shot the blue onto it and it came out fantastic. It really proves out versatile the Stewart Systems products are.

Shooting Insignia White on the Stabs and the elevators

March 28, 2012

Tonight I decided was enough practicing as I was getting very consistant results on my test panels, so I shot the insignia white on to my stabilizers and elevators. I mixed up 10 ounces of Part A for the first three coats and I came up a little short on so i rush back to mix up another 10 ounces to shoot the rest. All came out well. Some lessons learned was get down stairs and get the fans installed in the windows before it gets dark so that the bug don’t come in the few seconds I have the winds uncovered. Second, make sure that you get the edges real good from several angles as they don’t cover real well if you don’t. Other than that I got great results from the Eko-poly nice and glossy buttery smooth.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 1215 hours

Shooting test panels of Eko-poly

March 27, 2012

So the last couple of days I have been shooting test panels of the Eko-poly in the different colors to re-aquaint myself with the process and gun speed, quanitity and timing. To date I have shot 3 22X28″ panels of poster board. Last night I masked off one of the blue test pieces with some fine line and my other masking tapes to test tape making techniques, tape pulling techniques and more painting techniques. I have been getting really good results and I think i’m ready for the game day. I think I will try it out on the stabilizers and elevators tomorrow.

Eko-fill on the lower wings

March 24, 2012

Two day roll up post. The last couple of days I have been working on the lower wings which are the last pieces I have left to fill before topcoat. On Friday I scuff sanded (wiped carefully) the brush coat of lower wings. I then put them in the paint booth and shot the first cross coat. The next day I promptly pulled the wings (one at a time) to sand them. After I was done I sprayed the 2nd cross coat. After 2 hours I was able to sand again and then finally at 1 am I sprayed the 3rd cross coat. Eko-fill complete, time for topcoat, nuff said.

Time spent 12 hours
Total time spent 1212 hours.

Spraying the 2nd cross coat and priming the left cowling extension

March 20, 2012

Tonight I cleaned off the upper wing and re-hung it in the paint booth and shot the 2nd cross coat. I also shot the lower left cowling extension with the white primer. Not much to else to say.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 1200 hours

Spraying the Upper wing and body filler on the cowling

March 18, 2012

Today I spent a bunch of time working on each cowling. I spent most of the time on the cowling that needed an extension to fix the engine (left side) it took several iterations to get the cowling as smooth as I wanted but I eventually did. I also prepped the upper wing by wiping it with 320 sandpaper to get the bumps off from the brush coats of Eko-fill. I then hung it in the paint booth and sprayed it. I found that one cross coat of the upper wing with the 1.3mm tip 23-25 psi at the gun takes approx 2/3 of the hopper of paint. After it was done and dried I did the initial sanding with my orbital sander and scotch brite pad.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 1198 hours

3rd X coat on the Istruts, stabs, rudder and elevators starting cowling prep

March 17, 2012

Today I took the morning to go flying with my buddy to work on my instrument rating. This afternoon I started prepping the left side cowling for paint. It will need a bit of body filler as this is the side that I had to widen for the engine to fit. It also has some areas that need some filler to fill in some voids after the molding process. I started by sanding all the gel coat down with 320 to give it some grit for the paint and to also clean it up since it had bugs and other things on it. The sanding worked really well the cowling looks great. After that I re-installed the ladder back into the paint booth and hung the I-struts, right stab, rudder and elevators for their 3rd cross coat.

Time spent 5 hours
Total time spent 1190 hours

Sanding the 2nd X coat and spraying the 2nd coat of grey on the fuse

March 16, 2012

Today I spent the day first sanding everything I sprayed the day before which was the I-struts, horizontal tails, elevators, rudder and fuselage. After the fuse was sanded I sprayed a 2nd cross coat of Eko-fill on to it. With the 100 watt light bulb test I could still see light through in some areas so it still needs another cross coat which is what I planned for anyway.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 1184 hours

1st grey coat for the fuse and sanding and 2nd cross coat for for the elevators, stabs, rudder, I-struts

March 15, 2012

Today I took a half day off work I got right to work by removing all the parts I shot the night before and pulling the fuselage in for 1 more half cross coat of eko fill white. By the time all this happened the mail man and just delivered my new variable speed orbital palm sander and with this new set up sanding is easy and got right to work sanding the elevators, stabs, rudder and I-struts. I also used my square palm sander with the red scotch bright for areas like the rib stitches and the leading and trailing edges of the parts. Once the sanding was done I wanted to shoot a coat of grey on to the fuselage but I also wanted to see how my sanding was working on so I also shot the 2nd cross coat on my left horizontal stabilizer. Once those dried I pulled them out of the booth and I spent some time figuring out a way to secure all the other parts so that they are rigid but I could also get around them to paint them with out touching them. I took half of my extension ladder and wired it to the ceiling to secure them to it using some spare wood, screws and clamps. after I had this all figured out I was to a break for dinner which gave me enough time to sand the 2nd cross coat on the left horizontal stabilizer so I could shoot a 3rd cross coat on that while shot the second X coat on all the rest of the parts. With the ladder holding everything tight I was able to do all the above parts in one sitting.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1179 hours

Spraying Grey Eko-fill on to the Stabs, Istruts, Elevators

March 13, 2012

Today prepped and sprayed the grey Eko-fill. I lightly scuffed the surfaces with 320 to remove any small particles that ended up in the brush finish. I then sprayed the first cross coats on both sides.

Time spent 2 hours
Total Time spent 1171 hours