Covering the fuselage

Today I got started the on the fuselage covering. The first thing I tackled was painting any fabric touching surface of the carbon fiber turtle deck aft bulk head with Eko-fill. I did this to mearly seal the carbon as I had sanded it a bit to smooth it out. Anyway I quickly sprayed the two sides and once dry (doesn’t take long) I hit it with some scotchbrite to smooth it out and then re-installed it on to the fuselage. While the Eko-fill was drying I pre-glued the fuse belly area with the Linen Colored Eko-bond. The linen colored Eko-bond is off white almost pale yellow and looks better than the blue/turquoise of the blue Eko-bond. So I used it since I won’t be completely covering the after part of the fuse and I don’t want it to be unsightly. After the glue was dry I used a spare piece of fabric that was cut off the upper side of the lower wing when I was covering that. I trimmed it to shape and ironed it on. One I got it trimmed and ironed on completely I glued the areas and waited for it to dry. I then Ironed it to 250 deg F. After it was shrunk I marked it for the overlap joint and then pre-glued all the edges for the left side of fabric. I installed it the same way as I have done everything else. Rinse and Repeat. The last picture is with the the turtle deck and the rudder installed to see the final shape. I also needed to make sure that the my rudder cable exit through the fabric were measured right and of course they were. Finally while all the glue dried I was able to get two ribs stitched on the lower wing so all I have left there is two more ribs and that will be ready for tapes.

Time spent today 11 hours
Total time spent 1119 hours

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