Covering the left side of the fuse and taping the lower left wing

Today I got a crap ton finished. I started off by pre-gluing the left side of the fuse for fabric. While that was drying I installed a re-enforcing patch at the aft horizontal strut spar. I also took some time to install some tapes inside on the aft bulk head this is to seal that area off so that dirt won’t get in between the fabric and the bulk head and create “pitts acne” thanks to Macwolf from the Biplane Forum for that tip. After the glue dried I blanked the fuse and started attaching the fabric, and about an 1.5 hours it was ready to be shrunk.

While I waited I finished off the lower left side rib stitches and then started marking and laying out the finishing tapes. I was able to get all the rib tapes and the spar tapes installed on both side before the day was out.

And finally I started marking and laying out the tapes for the fuselage and was able to get two tapes on right side of the fuse installed. I was also able to glue on the rudder cable exit fairings.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 1129 hours

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