More finishing tapes on the fuselage and started the cove tape on lower left wing

Today I contintued the installation of the finishing and perimeter tapes on the fuselage. I installed the following tapes: The two upper longerons, Vertical tail leading edge tape, bulkhead close out, vertial tail trailing edge tape, and cockpit perimeter tapes. I then moved over and used my 6″ 102 Light tape to start the cove tape but I was unable to finish as it was getting late. The lower wing tip tape and the vertial tail leading edge tape were but custom cut from a spare sheet of fabric so that I wouldn’t have to buy a whole roll of bias tape. It is possible to do the curve on the tip with a straight tape but it is easier when they are cut on a bias. The vertical tail leading edge has a reversal which is really hard to do with a straight tape and the bias just makes it look better and is way easier.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 1143 hours

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