Finishing the covering of the I-struts (Total Aircraft Covering is Complete)

Today I got a late start but I spent most of the day finishing my I-struts. One I-strut was covered but need perimeter tapes the other needed everything. So while glue was drying on one I would work on the other. There’s not much to talk about here other than my technique for the installing the leading and trailing edge tapes. I decided to install them in three pieces. This just allowed the best transition through the intersection of the 3/4″ tube and the streamline tube. I had tried a custom cut bias tape but that didn’t work well. But the three piece method worked pretty good.

I also decided that wholes I cut for my elevator horns to go into the fuselage needed some metal re-enforcement to clean them up a bit. So i cut out two 0.025 aluminum pieces in the shape of the exit and glued them down just like you would with a inspection ring. I then laid a patch over the top and glued it down.

***Another major milestone today. Officially all the covering is complete on the aircraft now I am just down to finishing (truly the hard part)***

Time spent today 9 hours
Total time spent 1155 hours

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