Ironing the Tapes on the lower left wing and Istruts and Fuse and Eko fill on the wing and Istruts

Today I worked on getting all the tapes on the fuselage, lower left wing and the I-struts finished ironed down prior to the filler coats. This took a long time harumpf. Anyway After the tapes were ironed down I eko-cleaned and rinsed all the above and then applied the first brush coat of the Eko-fill to the lower left wing and I-struts. On the fuselage since I using the Linen colored glue in attempt to keep the inside of the fuse looking somewhat decent it requires a different treatment. You thin the Eko-bond linen glue slightly no more than 10% and you can use a foam roller or I used a 3 inch foam brush and put it on similarly to the Eko-fill. I kept a rag close in case I had a heavy area so that I wouldn’t have any ridges. Tomorrow I plan on shooting 2 coats of White Eko-fill on the fuse to “lock” in the color then it it two more cross coats of grey eko fill for UV protection. After the wing i-struts dried I applied eko-fill to the other sides repeating to get two cross coats on both sides of the wings and the i-stuts.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 1163 hours

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