Shooting Insignia White on the Stabs and the elevators

Tonight I decided was enough practicing as I was getting very consistant results on my test panels, so I shot the insignia white on to my stabilizers and elevators. I mixed up 10 ounces of Part A for the first three coats and I came up a little short on so i rush back to mix up another 10 ounces to shoot the rest. All came out well. Some lessons learned was get down stairs and get the fans installed in the windows before it gets dark so that the bug don’t come in the few seconds I have the winds uncovered. Second, make sure that you get the edges real good from several angles as they don’t cover real well if you don’t. Other than that I got great results from the Eko-poly nice and glossy buttery smooth.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 1215 hours

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