White Eko-fill on the rudder and I-struts, shooting the I-struts with blue eko-poly

Two day roll up post for the 29-30 Mar. In preparation for top coat I needed to put a white coat of Eko-fill onto the items getting painted blue to give the color a bit of depth. I shot the I-struts and rudder after I rubbed them down with some scotch brite. The white eko fill like to run so I set the gun at 3/4 turn out from closed and moved fast. Several very light coats with drying in between works way better than runs. It only takes two light cross coats to change the color to white.

The next day I sanded the white eko fill with the scotch brite again, wiped them down with a rag and alcohol while blowing compressed air on them. I mixed up my custom color blue and shot those nice and shiny blue.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1223

Unrelated to the airplane build, my buddy came over so I could paint a couple of scallops on his motorcycle fuel tank. After doing some dent filling with bondo we primered it with Eko-prime sanded it smooth with 320 and then shot the blue onto it and it came out fantastic. It really proves out versatile the Stewart Systems products are.

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