White Eko-fill on the fuse and sheet metal prep for paint

Another 2 day roll up post. On Saturday I scotch brited the fuselage smooth and then took it into the paint booth to shoot a cross coat of eko-fill white to get it into the correct color base for the blue. After it was done drying (quickly dried) I sanded lightly with 320 paper by hand to get it very smooth. It is now ready for topcoat.

On Sunday I spent most of the day messing around with the fuselage sheet metal prepping it for etching and priming. I am re-using some panels I created a couple of years ago so I needed to strip the paint and primer off the panels. I used citrus strip for this and it worked pretty good cleaned up with some acetone and alcohol and they were ready for etching. I also removed the windscreen skirt and stripped that too. I still have the kick panels to strip and the cockpit panel and cockpit fairing to strip. While the citrus strip was happily removing the paint I worked on the side panels cutting the holes for the ailerons push rods and deburing all the holes and edges of the panels. Those are now ready for etch. Finally I messed around with the cockpit outer fairing/panel as I need to modify or replace because I have reclined the turtle deck it and it doesn’t fit anymore (too short on the top). I’m currently on the fence here as to add on a piece and use some body filler or just replace the panel/fairing. I am currently leaning toward replacement right now since I have the sheet metal to do that.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 1231 hours

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