Top coat on the fuse panels round 2

Today I washed off the oil and dirt/dust from lightly sanding and scotch briting the side kick panels and side panels then I mixed up some paint and just before I shot them I brushed them lightly with a tack cloth. This time however, the paint didn’t go on quite as well. Lately the paint wants to orange peel a bit. What I have found with the Stewarts Systems process is that you want to get good coverage in the first two coats but not shiny this is important to keep the colors from pulling off any high spots. Then On the 3rd and 4 coat you really want them to start shining especially on the 4th coat. If you can see a perfect image of yourself in the booth about 5-10 seconds after the gun as gone by you will likely have a really nice finish coat. If it looks orange peel then you will get a sum what subdued look of orange peel. It won’t be as bad as you think leaving the booth but it will be noticeable. The paint really continues to flow out after you let them sit. So sometimes I make sure to used whatever is left in the gun to “salvage” any orange peel by putting more paint down. This really allows it flow out nice. Unfortunately you likely won’t have enough paint to do that. So I have some orange peel effect on the inside of my panels. So I will likely sand smooth and re-shoot them. Oh well, this is really the first I have had this problem in a good long while.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 1246 hours

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