Top coat on the canopy panel and wind screen skirt

Tonight I decided to top coat the canopy panel and wind screen skirt. After battling orange peel a couple of days ago and partially eliminating it yesterday on the rudder. I decided to reduce the paint even more to 2.75 down from 2.85 which was down from 3.0. I have tested the 3.0 ratio before with my viscosity cup and had it go right to 20 secs, problem is I can’t remember if that was the white or the blue. I thought I was getting good results with the blue but then I think about it either the parts were really small and because of my fan width I over cover with paint thus getting good results or in the case of the kick panels and side panels I didn’t get great results. Anyway for what its worth I think you should, if you can, check the viscosity because I got fantastic results at 22 sec on the M-50 viscosity cup. It was much easier to paint as the paint will flow out better to a ridiculous gloss.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 1257 hours

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