Top coat on the lower left wing and re-paint on the lower kick panels

Today I started off by sanding down and the out side of the left and right kick panels. They had a bit a orange peel more than I would accept for the amount of work it took to fix it. I sanded it down with my orbital sander using 320 grit sand paper until it was smooth again. I then re-shot the paint and it came out a mirror shine.

After that I took the lower left wing off the wall and sanded it smooth again with my orbital sander and scotch-brite pads. I cleaned it off with a rag damp with alcohol and I mixed up 25 ounces of Part A (the most I have mixed today at once) and shot the white on the wing. It was a little bit cooler in the basement (68 deg F) so it took longer than normal between coats before it would tack enough for the next coat. What usually takes only 40-45 minutes to paint took nearly 65 minutes, and I probably could have waited longer.

Another thing to note is that my white Part A is thinner than the blue Part A. So for my white I divide by 3.0 for water and for my blue I divide by 2.75. So when you get a new gallon of paint Always check the first couple of batches viscosity with the M-50 cup. I recommend 20-22 seconds 19 will want to sag if painted on the vertical 24 or more won’t flow out as good and will leave with a less mirror shine or almost dull orange peel look.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 1280 hours

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