Update on the upper wing paint problems

I have completed the following:

1) Purchased a Hydrometer the basement today was at 70 deg and 68% humidity (not great but not terrible)
2) I shot a test panel of the white it took forever for each coat to tack total paint job took 70 minutes and it still ran (sheeted) because it wasn’t tacked (still slightly stick with some color transfer) 20 secs on the M50 cup
3) Thinking it was the white I shot some metallic silver (20 secs on the M50 cup) I had on a test panel it tacked much much faster still ran and sheeted on me a little but the job was done in 41 minutes about 10-12 minutes for each coat versus 15-20 for each coat with still no where near the tack issues like the white has been doing to me (aka tacked a lot better but I probably should have let it sit a little longer)
4) Thinking it was the humidity I borrowed a de-humidifier and started that process and have the project a rest for the day in 4 hours It had removed 68 Oz of water from the air and had dropped the humidity down to 62%.

I will try another test panel tomorrow after work hopefully the humidity will be way down below 50% or more the lower the better in my mind. I also may try shooting a test panel with the viscosity at 22-23 sec instead of 20. I had been shooting everything at 20 because I was have was having a hard time with the blue flowing out and at 20 sec it really flowed out nice.

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