Taping lines on the fuselage

Thursday night, Friday and Saturday I started taping lines on the fuselage to match my chosen scheme. As some of you can notice that I kinda “borrowed” the scheme from the Wolf Pitts atleast on the fuselage. It just a great scheme but I put my own twist on it color wise. The wings are completly different though. This is the goal:

So to start I had to install the side and kick panels and the engine cowling which takes some time. Anyway to lay out the lines I started with the top line and measured down 3 inches from the longeron at the tail and then marked several points along with way with a small piece of tape. I then started with my 1 inch 3M 233+ fineline tape and strung them along kinda line connect the dots. It got pretty tough at the nose to get the tape to make a curve around the nose of the engine cowling and meet up at the top of the bottom cowling lip. It took a lot of stepping back and forth to get it lay right but it finally did. The second line I marked several locations again this time a the panel breaks and then free formed the tape to meet the small pieces of tape. I wanted to bisect the engine cowling side vent so that was an easy reference point as well. Again getting to conform around the cowling was kinda a bitch but in the end it does what you want it to. The last line was simply rinse and repeat from the other 2 lines. I then moved ove to the other side and repeated the process but measured at each panel section and mirrored it on the other other side. I would say the lines are probably less than a 1/4″ from each other if you could see both a the same time, which you can’t.

After that I installed the rudder and extended the lines on to it. I also taped the lines on the top of the vertical. I then got to work on masking everything off. The load of green tape you see is where I masked off with 1-1/2 inch 233+. I will be painting the silver first since I still waiting on my new batch of white. so as soon as I paint the silver I simply pull the green off and match the silver with another lay of tape and mask off the silver and I am ready to spray white.

Time spent today 12 hours
Total time spent 1306 hours

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