Priming the canopy metal and Painting the Upper wing (again!)

So today I thought it was high time to give the upper wing another shot of paint. But before I did that I thought it was also high time to prime my canopy parts so that I could top coat those this weekend. I did that and took a couple hour break to let them dry.

After several hours I started in on moving my upper wing into the booth and in prepparation to paint. I cleaned it off with compressed air and alcohol damp rag and then started mixing paint. As you may remember the last time I started off with a new gallon of paint that was later deemed a bad lot of paint. I confirmed this with my new batch of paint since it set up right at the 10 minute marks for both the first and second coat. The third coat took a little bit longer maybe 20-25 minutes. But not big deal there just gave me more time to mix up my second batch of paint. After the third coat I estimated that I would need about 300 more grams of paint to finish to include what was in my pot. I was off by 25 grams it seems as I ran out of paint with two rib bays to go. I ran out of the booth mixed up 50 more grams and finished shooting the wing with no ill effects. Just so I don’t forget I also painted my instrument panel as well.

Well the end result was fantastic, they look glossy and smooth!

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 1328 hours

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