Masking the upper wings for blue

Today I got started on the upper wing masking.  This was going to be a bit more challenging as I have a) match what did on the lower wing and also make it symmetrical.  Like most seemingly  hard parts of this project I give it way to much thought and not enough action.  I started by installing the upper ailerons.  I then went on to measuring some of the lines on the lower wing where they intersected at some ribs.  I marked those locations with some tape and the just like I did on the lower wing I just started laying line free hand making sure to hit my marks.  I would say I have it within a 1/8″.  I also noticed that my fine line tape wasn’t sticking very well.  I remembered that Stewarts tells you to wipe the whole surface down with alcohol first, which worked much better.   Once I had the line for the upper wings marked I moved on to the lower side.  I again went with 15″ spacing for the invasion stripes.  This matches the lowers, witch works out nicely.  Laying out all these line was pretty time consuming with loads of measuring.  Once every thing was laid out I moved onto masking the white and silver areas.  Lots of used masking tape here.  I think I have about $80 in masking tape by now but it’s good stuff so I can’t complain.  I have found that if I buy the really discounted 3m 233+ tape from TCP global and then pay the shipping it’s the same cost as just going to car quest to get it.   Any this was a 2 day roll up post.


Time spent last 2days: 9 hours
Total time spent 1358 hrs

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