New exhaust channel, filling sanding and priming the turtle deck

Today we after boating I folded the new exhaust channel and brought it hope to find that it fits really well. After that I started working on lower firewall angles so that belly pan and exhaust channel after something to attach to I still need to cut up some angles to attach to the fire wall but it is trimmed to fit correctly now. After that I worked on the turtle deck by filling and sanding the rivets that I installed to help mechanically back up the 2216 adhesive that I glued the turtle deck floor to the side of the turtle deck. After I was satisfied I masked up the area that I didn’t want primer on and then shot the white primer on to the surface and let that dry. I will get some photos of the belly pan and firewall interface tomorrow, sorry for the wait.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 1432 hours

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